what major is best for medical school? (2020)

To answer you question “what major is best for medical school”. We went through data and compiled this list of doctors’ most popular majors. And although it surprisingly has one of the worst acceptance rates — the most popular major for doctors is Biology.crello

It may be because of the salary and prestige. It may even be Grey’s Anatomy’s popularity, but getting into medical school is one of the most common topics we find in college career space. Hopeful premeds look for every advantage with high competition, even which majors will give them the best chance to enter dental and medical school. 

The most active majors were: 

  1. Biological sciences—11,843 total. 
  2. Physical studies—2,214. 
  3. Social sciences—2,107. 
  4. Humanities—797. 
  5. Specialized health sciences—650. 
  6. Maths, Statistics—168. 

Do any majors have an admissions advantage?

medical practiotioners

Data appear to indicate this is not the case. For example, 29,443 biological science students applied to medical schools in 2018–2019. This group’s matriculation rate was about 40 % lower than several other primary majors. Among the majors mentioned above, students studying biological sciences also had an average total MCAT score that fell in the middle of the group of primary undergraduate majors. 

Tonya Fancher, MD, MPH, is an Associate Dean for workforce innovation and community engagement at the University of California, Davis School of Medicine (UC Davis). The high school is one of the AMA Accelerating Reform in Medical Education Consortium’s 32 partners partnering together to establish new medical schools and improve physician training.

UC Davis’ admissions office, Dr. Fancher said, will not assign a higher weight to one major or another as long as the applicant has met the necessary criteria. “We ‘re looking for mastery in an area that a student enjoys,” Dr. Fancher said. “This may be in the study of art or history or science, engaging in college athletics, music or dance, or having an impact on their community.” 

The holistic approach to admissions can benefit. A December 2018 research released in the journal Medical Education, “Pre-medical Majors in Humanities and Social Sciences: Impact on Communication Skills and Specialty Choice,” showed that medical students with humanities and social sciences backgrounds could be more successful in engaging with patients. 

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Is Any Major Going to Help You Get More Success? 

Okay, that’s not precisely the case for most majors and professions. Even in medical school, you can also retake your science lessons, and learning something in a research area will not give you much benefit. 

We switched to the AAMC for statistics on major-level admissions. Still, it doesn’t list matriculation statistics for individual majors

They purposely hide this knowledge because they don’t want young people to focus their life trajectories on the comparatively small odds of entry to medical schools — according to AAMC statistics, medical schools admitted just 39% of applicants in 2017. 

Therefore, if you’re considering medical school, maybe try getting a degree in something you’re also interested in. Who knows, you might discover something you enjoy more — even at Harvard, between one-third and two-thirds of premeditated students end up dropping out before graduation.

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