Unikorn Candy Review – A Reliable Kratom Vendor

The appeal of kratom becomes infinitely stronger when you use a high-quality product from a reliable supplier in town. Although Unikorn Candy focuses on the crate market, it is characterized by the highest quality of its products. That’s why, once given the chance, customers never knock on the door of another Kratom supplier, right?

Because at Unikorn Candy, you will be pampered with all your kratom needs, right!

Is the hype around Unikorn Candy worth considering?

From high-quality, durable Kratom products to extensive lab testing, Unikorn Candy leaves nothing to chance to provide the best customer service possible. Choosing a kratom provider on the internet becomes difficult because there are many stores offering many products, each claiming to be the best.

Sometimes these sellers make false claims and sometimes the product is of poor quality; when you encounter this problem, your search stops there to your surprise.

Unikorn Candy cleverly fills in all the gaps that the various kratom manufacturers cannot.

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Opinion of Unikorn candy users

With an excellent 4.3 star rating and tons of positive user feedback, Unikorn Candy is sure to be your next favorite crate brand.

Want to know what users are saying about Unikorn Candy?

Just read some reviews:

Bobby, 18 years old. October 2020.

This is by far the best kratom I’ve gotten in the year I’ve been taken as kratom. The powder dissolves in water faster than any other kratom I’ve bought, which says a lot about the purity. Besides, he’ll strike anytime, anywhere. When I was burned with other suppliers, Kratom Unicorn never stopped.

James Holley, 28. October 2020.

The quality is exceptional and the customer service is great! Highly recommended!

Amanda, November 5, 2020

Excellent customer service! I have sent messages to the seller on more than one occasion and they are always responsive, friendly and responsive! A great product and also the most powerful IMO!

These critics speak out in favor of more reliable kratom products and their immediate effects. They are also lenient with their customers. They don’t let their questions go unanswered, whether they need a lengthy discussion on the optimal voltage for their problems or a quick answer on the delivery of their order.

Top rated Unikorn Candy products you must try

You’re a beginner and don’t know what to order from Unikorn Candy? If this is the case, read about their products that will amaze you all!

Sample kit – 5 ounces

As a beginner, it is always advisable to start with a test package. With the sample packs, you can sample ounces of 5 different kratom strains and with each experiment, you will realize which strain is perfect for you.

Price: The 5 oz. sample pack is $50, but this pack is now 50% off and can be picked up for $25.

Unbreakable rainbow (mix)

This blend is the favorite of many customers.  It is a potent blend of red, green, white, yellow and golden kratom. Within minutes, multi-million dollar effects occur. It is ideal for increasing energy, motivation, pain and anxiety.

Price: The price ranges from $7 (for an ounce) to $91 (for a kilo).

Mandarin candies smoking the CBD flower

You can also use CBD dyes in Unikorn candies. Mandarin is a sativa-inspired CBD flower and is a perfect substitute for painkillers and high-energy coffee.

Price: The price ranges from $5 (per gram ½) to $200 (per ounce).

Digital gift cards for a better experience

Thanks to the exclusive digital card feature, you can give it to any member of your family or to those who need it. When you purchase a digital gift card from Unikorn Candy, you will receive an email explaining how you will use the card. You can also use it to make payments in Unikorn Candy.

Price: The price ranges between $5 and $200.

How can I contact Unikorn Candy if I have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please email Christina@UniKornCandy.com. For text, note this number (text:ico413-404-0322). They will contact you within 2 to 4 hours.


Unikorn Candy is a veteran-owned kratom shop, where you can enjoy the charm of kratom at affordable prices. With exceptional customer service and fresh products, Unikorn Candy has a place in the hearts of kratom lovers. So the next time you don’t know where to buy quality kratom, Unikorn Candy will be your 100% chance.


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