Submission Guidelines

Medical Care on The Internet provides our online audience who are health leaders and professionals with current, detailed and relevant information and health articles throughout the year.

As a publication about healthcare, we cover and value our relationship to the whole healthcare industry.

Our audience includes health professionals, doctors, nurses, hospital executives and departmental managers, insurance providers, lawyers and accountants, home care and nursing home administrators, health students, professional universities and affiliated health schools, as well as healthcare providers.

We focus on rehab, nursing, home care and hospice, male health, female health, and pediatrics. You should make your business an integral part of Medical Care on The Internet if your business is in the health sector.

Contact Bernice by submitting a byline health content, sponsored post
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Regularly Covered Subjects Include:

  • Mental health / recovery / addiction
  • Medical topics and research studies
  • Healthcare and regulatory environment legislation
  • Healthcare real estate, architecture, construction and management facilities
  • Education
  • Pastoral Supervision
  • Healthcare jobs
  • Juridical matters
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Nursing Practice
  • Treatment in paediatrics
  • Medical Care
  • Rehab
  • Technological aspects in the health industry
  • Telemedicine and telehealth

Checklist of Bylined Article

  • Contributed articles on health care should be 700 words or more, be educational and insightful, and take a broad view of something in the relevant sector, rather than an organization’s advertising.
  • Articles should be submitted in a ord doc and be written as a third person unless the submission is an opinion piece accepted by the publisher.
  • Our publisher reserves the right to reject individual articles after they are submitted and reviewed.
  • Include a proposed title for the article and the subline of the author.
  • No footnotes or endnotes should be included.
  • Any appropriate references should be incorporated into the Article’s narrative.
  • Include a 2-line biography of each author.
  • The author(s), the title(s), and the organization(s) should also be included.
  • Send an author’s digital picture or photos related to the Article (300 dpi) along with a cutline.

Press Releases

We invite you to send your press releases on articles, promotions, new hires, promotional events and other facts that your organization is proud to share.

We welcome photographs (300 dpi) with submissions.

The clear, thorough description of your product or service should be provided in all press releases.


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