Resurge: Lose Weight While Sleeping? Fact or Fiction?

Recovery, weight loss during sleep and nutritional supplements make people wonder when it really works. If you’ve heard about it, you probably have a lot of questions, like Resurge safe, Does it have side effects, Is it legal or is it a scam? In this overview you will learn which ingredients are responsible for sleep, growth hormone (GHH) and weight loss. You will learn more about the trade, its general advantages and disadvantages, and the possible side effects to watch out for.

What does the restoration do?

FormulaRestore Deep Sleep and Formula HGH. 120 capsules

What is this additive used for? Resurge contains ingredients that help you sleep and increase your growth hormone (GH) levels. Growth hormone usually increases at night, and some studies show that it burns fat and builds muscle, even in older people.  So the idea is that Resurge will help you sleep better, and while you sleep, the growth hormone stimulating ingredients will optimize your growth hormone levels. The result: Weight loss and fat burning during sleep. No plan or exercise is needed.

Anyway, that’s the idea. But is there any evidence that it works?

Readiness study

While the ingredients make sense on paper, the Resurge supplement unfortunately lacks clinical evidence that it does what the company claims it does. To date, researchers have not published any clinical studies on this supplement. Although the Resurge website lists 16 scientific links at the bottom of the page, none of these links include the Resurge supplement itself. This is a problem for people who want to take research-based supplements.

Restaurant ingredient

This is the Extra Facts label. With the recommended intake of 4 capsules per day, you will get the following nutrients.

N/A in the table means that the nutritional value is not established.

Other posts in the list

The supplement’s label also lists other ingredients that you should be aware of:

  1. Gelatin
  2. Microcrystalline cellulose
  3. Magnesium stearate
  4. Silica

These other ingredients play no direct role in the proper functioning of Resurge. Instead, they are used in a capsule and the main ingredients can be mixed well.

What is the role of the ingredients?

Resurge contains a combination of ingredients designed to promote growth hormone (GHD) and improve deep sleep. Let’s look at each category of ingredients and their research.

Growth hormone (GH), performance enhancing compounds

Growth hormone stimulating ingredients:

  • Arginine (an essential amino acid that your body can make itself).
  • Lysine (an essential amino acid that your body cannot make).

HGH arginine and lysine study

Arginine and lysine are both called secretagogues. That’s an expensive word that means they increase growth hormone levels. In one study, the combination of 1500 mg of arginine and 1500 mg of lysine increased growth hormone levels in young people when they were able to rest. Oddly, however, amino acid stacking did not increase HGH levels when administered prior to resistance training. The amounts used in this study are similar to those used in the Resource Annex.

In another study, 5,000 mg and 9,000 mg of arginine increased HGH levels in young men. While this is a good thing, not all studies show that these amino acids work. For example, another study found that 7,000 mg of arginine did not increase growth hormone levels when given to men for a week. Other researchers have also found that 6,000 mg of arginine did not increase growth hormone levels when given to runners. In another study, the combination of 3000 mg of arginine and 3000 mg of lysine failed to increase growth hormone in the elderly.

Could these different results be due to shortcomings in the way the survey was conducted? Or maybe arginine and lysine can only work in people with low levels of these amino acids? It is clear that more qualitative research is needed.

Sleep-inducing substances

Ingredients that help you sleep better:

Melatonin, a hormone found in the brain, is known to help people sleep better. It therefore makes sense that it would be used in the source. The grass, ashwagandha, also has its share of research on insomnia.

L Theanine 200 mg. High quality manufactured supplement

word image 6030 2

Theanine is an amino acid found in foods and beverages, from mushrooms to green tea leaves. Theanine is often used to relieve stress and anxiety. There’s proof of that. In one study, 200 mg of L-theanine was shown to reduce psychological stress and blood pressure more than a placebo when subjects were subjected to a stressful psychological task. It’s the same dose as the supplement.

In a review of 9 previous studies, researchers concluded that L-theanine in doses of 200-400 mg per day may help reduce stress and anxiety in people exposed to stressful conditions, noting that more qualitative research is needed. Thus, it should be noted that most theanine stress studies have been conducted under laboratory conditions. Little is known about the action of theanine in real-life stress situations.

What is gryphony, simplified?

Gryphonia simplicum is a plant that contains 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP). As the name suggests, 5HTP is a form of tryptophan, an amino acid.  In the brain, 5 HTP is converted into serotonin, a neurochemical with calming effects. Tryptophan does that too. Several studies have shown that 5 PTHs can improve sleep, depression and also weight loss. Although theoretically more research has been done on 5-HTP than Griffonia simplicifolia, some of their effects may be similar.

A study has shown that griffin (Griffonia simplicifolia) reduces stress in people after a romantic breakup. In this study, 60 mg of Griffonia simplicifolia (containing 12.8 mg of 5 VTP) was administered to subjects twice daily for 6 weeks.

How do you take the Resurrection?

The company recommends taking 4 capsules with a glass of water 60 minutes before bedtime. The company states that it takes between 90 and 180 days to receive benefits. They say the research proves it, but since the research on Resurge can’t be proven, we don’t know how they know it will take that long. Actual weight loss takes time and can vary from person to person. For someone who needs to lose a lot of weight, it may take longer for weight loss to occur than for someone who only wants to lose a few pounds.

Where can I buy Recovery?

You can get it directly from the company’s official website. To date, the supplement is not available in stores like Walmart, GNC, Costco or Vitamin Shoppe.

FormulaResurge Sleep and HGH Formula. 120 Capsules

word image 1990 3

It might as well be on Amazon.

Reserve price

Below are the prices listed on the company’s website.

  • 1 bottle: $49 + shipping (30 days stock)
  • 3 bottles: $117 + shipping (3 months supply)
  • 6 bottles $204 + shipping (6 months supply)

Prices can change, so check the company’s website for current prices. There is no carpooling, so you don’t have to worry about having to pay each month. That’s good. That’s good. If you run out, you can come back to the site and order more.

Who will perform the resorption?

The company seems to be known by several names. This is common for companies that offer more than one application. The address where the resource company is registered: 6409 Fayetteville Rd ETS 120-201 Durham, NC 27713-6297. This address corresponds to the UPS store. The address also matches that of another product, The Venus Factor, which appears to be a 12-week fat loss program.  The Better Business Bureau lists certain complaints and negative comments and gives Resurge an overall rating of C. For more information, see the BBB filing.

The other name of the company is Adonis Lifestyle LLC. The name of this company is on the bottles of Resurge. The address of this business is 6000 Pardee Road Taylor, MI 48180. This address corresponds to another company named Chalk Printing & Sales. The CEO of Adonis Lifestyle is Brad Howard.

The creator of the Restoration is John Barban. Some websites call him Dr. John Barban. Although his website ( does not list his medical degrees, it does state that he has degrees in human biology and nutrition and has worked as a nutritionist. Adonis Lifestyle LLC received a C+ from the Better Business Bureau.  Consult the BBB dossier for more information.

Recovery guarantee

The expansion comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied within 60 days, you can return the supplements and get 100% of your money back. The 60 days start when you order the supplement, not when it arrives at your home.  You can even return empty bottles. This is a good thing, but it also means that you only have two months to assess whether Resurge is right for you. This problem occurs if you order a delivery 6 months in advance, as you only get a refund for 2 bottles (for a 2 month period). To receive a refund, email support for details.

You will return the addendum to this address:

Adonis Lifestyle LLCATTN : RETOURNS
6000 Pardee
Taylor, MI48180
United States

Be sure to include your full name, email and mailing address when you return the bottles.  It is advisable to track the bottles you return to the company. The post office can do it for you.

Restoring customer service

Call 844-587-3438. That’s the phone number on the Resurge bottles. You can also contact AT support via email.

Can you burn a big dream?

At the risk of sounding weird: You burn fat in your sleep. The human body prefers to burn a combination of carbohydrates and fats for energy. Low-intensity activities, such as sleeping, burn more fat. If this is true, remember that burning fat and losing weight do not always mean the same thing.

Yes, you burn a higher percentage of fat while you sleep, but you don’t burn many calories while you sleep. Weight loss is more about burning calories than burning fat.

Reserve against ProVen

NutraVesta is another popular supplement for weight loss. Certainly, NutraVesta ProVen contains far more ingredients than Resurge – 20 ingredients versus 8, to be exact. It also costs more. But that doesn’t mean ProVen is superior. We need clinical trials to be sure. So far, this kind of research has not been done.

See the evaluation of ProVen.

Reserve against serovirus

SeroVital Renewal Complex 148 capsules.

word image 6031 4

SeroVital is a very popular supplement that, according to the company, increases growth hormone levels by over 682%. Increasing HGH levels is said to improve energy and sexual desire and reduce wrinkles. What Resurge and SeroVital have in common is that they both contain the amino acids arginine and lysine. That’s where the parables end. Unfortunately, there are no studies comparing SeroVital with Resurge to find out which is better.

See SeroVital magazine.

Will he fail a drug test?

Since both arginine and lysine have data showing they can increase growth hormone levels, will this cause you to fail a drug urine test? It’s good to know if you’re an athlete or if you’re in the military. There is no strong evidence that ingestion of the amino acids arginine or lysine causes a drug trial to fail. However, to be sure, ask the drug company if they test for human growth hormone and/or IGF.

Side effects of relapse

So, is it safe? Based on the ingredients, Resurge is probably safe for most healthy people. Most of the ingredients have already been used in many other supplements. But anything can have side effects. Even the company advises people:

  • Do not use the supplement if you are under 18 years of age.
  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery for 8 hours after taking the supplement.
  • Ask your doctor if you or your family members have any health problems.
  • Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • Stop if you have unusual symptoms

These are wise warnings. Here’s another thing. This list may not describe all possible side effects:

  • For the first week, start with less than the recommended amount to see if you personally experience any side effects.
  • Stop using them for at least two weeks before surgery.
  • If you are also taking sleeping pills, consult with your doctor.
  • Theoretically, Griffin protozoan could interact with antidepressants due to its 5 HTP content.
  • Arginine increases nitric oxide levels, which can lower blood pressure or interact with hypertension drugs.
  • Arginine can cause inflammation of the cold herpes virus. Theoretically, the lysine in Recovery could counteract this phenomenon.
  • Ashwagandha may alter thyroid tests (TSH, etc.). Tell your doctor you are using Resurge if you have hypothyroidism.

Means for and against

Here are the pros and cons as I see them. Your opinion may be different.

For Cons
Ingredients have the research No clinical studies have been conducted on Resurg
Easy to buy Take 4 capsules
No automatic delivery Not available on the market
60 days warranty It’s pretty expensive.

Is the incentive really effective?

If the ingredients make any sense on paper, the real test would be to give recovered people a few weeks to measure their growth hormone levels and see if they lose weight. While I’m pretty sure the drug helps me sleep, I’m not convinced by the other explanations. If you have tried this application, please leave a comment below and let me know what happened.

You can get it here directly from the company

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