Recon Medical Tourniquet Review – Build Quality, Specifications, Self Application Test & Verdict

For so many tourniquets on the market and Chinese knockoffs appearing on sites like EBay and Amazon and so on, I’ve always looked at online tourniquets with a rather careful eye. I did the same for Recon Medical tourniquets. But after some research and a few months of watching the product, I decided the cost of buying one was worthwhile to alleviate my curiosity. Here is my Recon Medical Tourniquet Review

In the very least I ‘d have some tourniquets for preparation and some practical knowledge to hand on to my friends. And as I do for any tourniquet, I bought two, one with which to test and practice and one with which to bring into the area of considered worthy.

Recon Medical Tourniquet Review: First Impression

Recon Medical Tourniquet Review (Definitive Guide 2020)

Upon first glance, these tourniquets for a windless tourniquet appear to slip into the usual style. Nylon, velcro, and a windless bottle, what could be any more?

One distinction that you can find straight away is the Patent Pending Assisted Occlusion Strap from Recon Medical.

I like the idea behind that.

If your hands may be dirty or muddy, whether for whatever reason you lose grip power, or you’re just not as well trained, the AOS makes for an accessible alternative.

Hook your finger around the string and draw firmly. Just brilliant.

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Recon Medical Tourniquet Gen 4 Build Quality and Specs

Recon Medical ‘s site notes that their tourniquets are stitched with DuPont Kevlar. So far as performance is concerned, these tourniquets sound as if they’re not made cheaply.

I’ve seen the interwebs rip-offs, these aren’t.

You will find footage on social media of reliability testing, which I can’t do because I don’t have the equipment to check it, so I’m not usually on the market to ruin goods I purchase or torture testing.

There’s plenty of YouTubers are doing that. Here is one that I like.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Windlass gives you some feeling.

I had been given some tourniquets 10-15 years before, so frankly, the windlasses appeared to be a source of disappointment.

I’m sure these windlasses do the work.

recon medical tourniquet product info 2

They’re not as beefy as the SOFTT-W claims, but rather close. This won’t work in serious situations.

They ship this UV-resistant bang with each tourniquet for long-term storage and sun protection.

I believe most tourniquets are covered in UV-resistant wrapping.

But this helps you to open your equipment to your taste and securely store it before it’s required.


Application Test and Verdict

Talking about doing the work, I tested this, as I did for all the tourniquets, I checked for a self application. I see self-application as a worst-case situation.

I like a tourniquet so I can self-apply and avoid occlusion.

I don’t have a doppler system, so to validate occlusion, I palpate various pulse points and use a pulse oximeter.

First, I used my dominant tourniquet hand. I find it as simple to apply as the famous CAT tourniquet; the pulse ox read 0’s
in less than three turns (two and a half depending on how you count) with no detectable pulse.

First, I applied my help hand tourniquet. The above-mentioned Assisted Occlusion strap comes in handy here.

Beginning from a staged spot, the tip about 1 inch through the buckle, I was able to stick my finger through the hole and stretch enough to re-grip the buckle tighter and turn it down.

Once, after 1 1/2-2 windlass flips, no pulse, no pulse reading.

Eventually, I rubbed my upper thigh. My buttocks are around 25 inches diameter.

While I couldn’t get definite occlusion on my upper thigh, I live with the attitude that it’ll take two.

There’s plenty of room to compact. The CAT and SOFTT-W couldn’t get there either. Not self-applying at least.

I pushed the tourniquet down about 10 inches, with the diameter closer to 20 inches with better results.

Both experiments avoided the pulse ox readings, but I could palpate a pulse on my upper thigh. Faint, but palpable. Yet another explanation for the old the slogan “Two is one, one is none.”

Generally, I believe these tourniquets are useful and worth buying and I can’t think of a more exceptional deal for $18.97 (at the time of this review on Amazon) and an opportunity to buy a full emergency package for less than most professional tourniquets.

But don’t hear what I’m not saying… if you have the money and any doubts, buy a CAT or SOFFTT-W.

Those two have a lot of field use and professional assistance, not to mention the fights they’ve had over a decade.

So I intend to put this one in my EDC.

If you have any question about the product feel free to drop me a comment below.