Night Therapy Mattress Review (Updated 2020)

Zinus Night Therapy Mattress MyGel 13-inch Memory Foam Mattress will be the perfect option for rest and relaxation with foam pressure protection. The open cell memory foam offered in this mattress offers better airflow mobility along with a pressure relief feature. The memory foam used in this mattress is made with natural ingredients such as natural plant oil, ActivFresh charcoal, and green tea to naturally freshen the mattress. To reap the full benefits of this mattress, open it within 72 hours of getting it and allow it 48 hours to achieve its original luxurious form. Read the exciting Night Therapy Mattress Review below. 


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Zinus Night Therapy 13 Inch Memory Reviews 

Night Therapy Mattress 13 inch specs


Construct & Layers 

Zinus Night Therapy mattress is designed to make consumers sleep better and easier. This mattress has 4 layers including 2.5′′ MyGel memory foam layer, 1.5′′ memory foam, 3′′ pressure relief foam, and 6′′ high-density support foam layer. 


Lovely Cover 

Zinus cozy night therapy mattress has quilted micro-fiber cover to make it more comfortable. 


Pain Relief 

Zinus Night Therapy MyGel memory foam helps relieve body pain. Many body pains result from strain buildup. Whether back, neck, or hip, friction points develop into body pins. With this Zinus Night Therapy Gel Memory Foam Mattress, it works well to provide excellent support to your body, preventing pain. The gel-infused memory foam on the top layer is responsible for keeping body pain free along with memory foam and support foam sheet. To achieve this, the layers perfectly match the body, providing adequate support. The body assumes comfortable sleep positions, thereby reducing pressure points. 



Zinus Night Therapy Mattress firmness

Firmness of mattresses is necessary because it defines how comfortably you sleep. Choosing the wrong firmness mattress will cost you comfort and pain. With Zinus Night Therapy, every average sleeper is a suitable type. This Zinus Night Therapy Gel Memory Foam Mattress falls around 6.5 in firmness scales, 1(soft) to 10(firm). This means an average person enjoys the mattress without sinking. We don’t feel hardpoints because no weak spots are contributing to discomfort and pain. 



The fabrics in this Zinus Night Therapy Gel mattress are safe and incredibly supportive. The foam is certified CertiPUR-US, meaning extraordinarily durable and free from hazardous chemicals. This consists of open cell memory foam to allow airflow. There are also green tea extracts, activated charcoal, and natural oils that enable fresh mattress. The cover also consists of knitted jacquard material that keeps the mattress comfortable. 



Now, compared to their spring counterparts, the longevity memory foam mattresses are a bit durable. Zinus Night Therapy memory foam mattress is no exception; due to durable memory foam, it has extended lifespan. Reliable quality is the variation of foam layers. The base layer of dense foam provides structural support for the mattress. The mattress has a 10-year limited warranty, the manufacturer says. Several variables and use, though, can contribute to bed not hitting ten years. 


Air Recovery 

Heat retention in a mattress can be very disgusting, as high retention causes discomfort. A heat-retaining mattress usually leads to high turnover frequency. This situation is typical for mattresses with fewer air movement between layers. If you go for this Zinus Night Therapy memory foam mattress, it’s super cool. Since the top layer contains gel-infused material, it has successful cooling. Comfort foam also provides sufficient air ventilation to dissipate heat. It provides comfortable sleep without heat spots and low turnovers. 


The Flow of Air 

The ability of Zinus Night Therapy to allow efficient airflow directly correlates with heat retention. If a mattress has insufficient ventilation, it’s likely to overheat. On the other side, adequate ventilation ensures accelerated heat dissipation and the elimination of bad odors. MyGel mattress has excellent air circulation to keep it cool and odor-free. With the comfort layer providing outstanding ventilation, making the entire mattress fresh and comfortable. 


Health Benefits 

Sleeping in this Zinus Night Therapy mattress will surely help you enjoy unlimited benefits. Its architecture and design aim to provide unrivaled body support and sleeping experience. Here are a few benefits. 

  • Clinically proven sleep-induced 
  • Help to remove sinking and body pain 
  • Secure from unpleasant odors and other contaminants 
  • Efficient ventilation to remove heat and odors 
  • Natural extracts blended with antioxidants 
  • Isolation of movements 

If you sleep with your partner in this Zinus Night Therapy foam mattress, everyone will love the night. Unlike spring mattresses, it has excellent motion separation. This means that one person turns up disturbances when sleeping two of you. The reason this Zinus Night Therapy Gel Memory Foam Mattress has perfect motion transfer is because the base has solid memory foam. Therefore, when pressure is on the bed, it tends to absorb rather than bounce unnecessarily. 


Support Point 

Edges Night Therapy Mattress

While edge support tends to be strong in mattresses when new, it decreases as bed ages. The same applies to MyGel memory foam mattress Zinus night therapy. For people like sleeping edges, it offers fantastic support without collapsing edges. Same case if you like to lie at the bottom when you wake up before bed. Nevertheless, edge support can decrease as the mattress ages, especially when the heavier sleeper is in use. 



Sinkage usually happens in any mattress. Indeed, if a mattress has no Sinkage degrees, it can be uncomfortable and cause body pain. Sinkage level should be moderate, however, and not really sinking. It has perfect sinking for average sleepers and a good lighter sleeper.  For heavier sleepers, the Zinus mattress experiences more significant sinking leading to discomfort. Although large sleepers may feel great at first days as the mattress grows old, it will feel uncomfortable. 


Off-Gassing Smell 

Degassing refers to making an unused mattress after unpacking to get rid of odors. It’s infused with natural extracts and activated charcoal. The foam types used are indeed healthy and don’t contain unpleasant smells. Therefor buying Zinus night therapy provides simple usage. The open cell foam further prevents future bad odors due to sufficient air circulation. 


Sexual Experience

A firm mattress is essential for ideal support during sex. While due to bounce absorption, many people prefer spring mattresses, memory foam all has a high bounce. In this scenario, this 13-inch Zinus Night Therapy mattress is ideal for intimacy. Considering the structure of various density levels, it makes the mattress bounce. Each one provides ample support and excellent bounce for having great sex. 


Big People Friendly or Not? 

Notably, most memory foam comes with varying firmness. The strong ones match lighter people because they don’t feel sinking. However, if heavy people sleep on a light mattress, they can feel restless sleep. The case is the same if other things happen on a firm mattress with light people sleeping. Night therapy foam mattress is a perfect option for medium or lighter sleepers. Over time, heavy sleepers will feel increased sinking, causing discomfort. 



Each product on the market has its customers who find it helpful in their lives. The same applies to this Zinus Night Therapy 13-inch mattress. The market success is outstanding because its consumers ranked it high with many favorable reviews. They’ll find this Zinus Night Therapy Gel Memory Foam Mattress essential for their beds for an average sleeper.



Zinus Night Therapy 13 Inch mattress has various models, measurements, and costs. The Twin, King, Queen, Full and Cal King Sizes are all available. 


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So, even after so many pros and cons, Zinus Night Therapy MyGel 13 inch Memory Foam Mattress is one of its class’s best mattresses. While it has some drawbacks, its benefits quickly overlook them.  And if you suffer from an uncomfortable and troubled sleep, you don’t panic because this Zinus Night Therapy Gel Memory Foam Mattress restores your body affordably. 


If you are interested in watching unboxing video of Night Therapy Mattress Review I would suggest you watch the below video of other fellow reviewer.



Its layers    

This has four layers of various forms of foam for a comfortable sleeping experience. 


CertiPUR-US certifies its foam for its content performance and durability. 

Compressed, Rolled 

Compressed and wrapped in a FedEx envelope with proprietary compression technology 

Great Sleep 

Clinically proven to help you sleep better. 


Limited ten-year warranty. 


  • Soft to relieve pain. 
  • Soothes body pain. 
  • Provides sufficient body care to alleviate discomfort and relax   
  • Clinically proven deep sleep. 
  • This foam regulates the body’s temperature. 
  • Significantly decreases sleep disruption. 



What is Night Sleep mattress box measurements? 

Do you mean the mattress? I have a King size mattress, and it fits well in my former frame. If you’re not asking this, then tell me 

in more detail exactly what you’re looking for. 


Is this Night Therapy mattress latex? 

I don’t even know if it’s made with some latex, but if you’re allergic to latex, I will contact Zinus straight back. I’m sorry I couldn’t help. 


What’s the recommended box spring? 

No box spring required. I have the correct mattress frame to validate. Works wonderfully! 


Can you sleep on the mattress in 48 hours? 

Depends about how sensitive you are to dye the mattress while the initial scents are opened, so it goes off after around 

an hour while I began mine about midday, and it extended, and after about an hour or two, it’s incredibly cozy and trendy. 


Could this mattress be placed on an adjustable frame? 

You can use the mattresses on a flexible mattress base. We only consider using a mattress frame lip to hold the mattress in place and prevent moving. 


What are full-size bed dimensions? 

I have a king-size mattress, but I don’t know the maximum size. It is truly the finest mattress I’ve ever had. 


What are the opening directions? 

Set the mattress in the area you’re going to utilize it because it expands into full dimensions. 


Can you use Queen Sheets? 

I have a king and use goal sheets. The goal sheet is created for different mattress sizes. This Zinus Night Therapy Gel Memory Foam Mattress is among the heavy ones, and I’d check whether sheets were made for a 13-inch mattress. 


Can we use a mattress protector?

Sure, but sheets fit a bit tight with the mattress shield. 


What materials do Night Therapy mattress use? 

The inside cover is fiberglass. The outer layer is polyester. It also uses a detachable outer mattress cover to protect the mattress. 


Is this Night Therapy mattress cover waterproof? 

The cover inside is supposed to protect the foam. It’s not waterproof, so we strongly recommend having a protector inside the mattress. 


What type of mattress pad should this Night Therapy mattress use? 

No mattress pad is required as the mattress offers lots of support. A mattress protector is recommended to avoid unintended spills. Memory foam is difficult to clean if a spill or injury occurs. 


Should I really have to wait 48 hours to sleep on this mattress? 

These mattresses typically take 48-72 hours to recline fully, but in some scenarios, they can take up to a week to fully decompress. Right now it’s possible to sleep with the mattress, sleeping on the mattress won’t slow down the decompression process. 


Is this night-therapy mattress cover removable? 

We removed the option to remove the cover to prevent foam injury. Clean with cold water and gentle detergent for cleaning. 


What’s this Night Therapy sheets’ firmness? 

This Zinus Night Therapy Gel Memory Foam Mattress is quite firm at 1st, but it will shape your body. We’ve had ours for four weeks, and it’s ideal. 


Will I use electric blankets? 

Hey, you should. We strongly recommend verifying the glider’s precautions, using in low to moderate setting. 


How’s this bed for side sleepers? 

I lie on my side, and it’s convenient. 


How compression strength? 

Comes compressed, but that remains a big, bulky box. I believe it’ll be as big as the mattress. No matter how good the instructions are and how easy it is to unpack and set up. I could not have done it.  


Can you fold it to carry this Night Therapy mattress? 

Oh, hell, no. It’s around 200 lbs. I purchased it on amazon prime, but it still took another day or two because it had to be shipped by another company because of its weight. It’s like a compact air mattress. It’s like a mattress. I very like it. Not easy to fold or move. 


What packaging comes in this Night Therapy mattress? 

I can’t exactly remember, but I think a compact package came. Who cares, and I like that mattress. 


Is this CertiPur-Us foam mattress? 

Elements of memory foam products are manufactured in China but are certified Certi-PUR US. Typically, this means products have reduced indoor air pollution levels. The products are made without formaldehyde, mercury, chlorofluorocarbons, prohibited phthalates, and flame retardants PBDE. The goods are tested for safety, reliability, and functionality. 


Is this mattress solid or soft? 

Okay, it’s the two. You just have to believe that to know what I’m talking about. When you lie on it, it’s solid, but after a few minutes, you’re already beginning to sink it. It’s an exceptional mattress, I guess. This stimulates my entire body, which can be smooth, which squishy at about the same time. And a 

major investment. 


How is mattress Night Therapy packaged? 

It comes bundled in a huge box. I live next floor along with the ups guy shipped it straight up the staircase … I feel so bad for him. 


Can you use a regular Night Therapy mattress box spring? 

Yeah, yeah. Along with the new king box spring, we have our king size installment with our old mattress. The most comfortable bed ever! 


Is it a Firm / Plush Night Therapy mattress? 

Yes, this Zinus Night Therapy Gel Memory Foam Mattress is firm but unlike the body contour.


What’s this Night Therapy mattress’ width and length? 

It’s a normal king, I’ll guarantee. It’s the same size as the mattress; it’s replacing and suits the king service boxes that it does. 


Should you buy fitted sheets that match a pillow top mattress? 

I used to buy no additional sheets. My elders were heavy enough. The one thing to make sure when buying new sheets is that they fit 13′′ mattress. I guess I’ve got to go to 14′′ and it’s just marginally bigger, but they’re both pretty good. I had no concerns. Incidentally, this Zinus Night Therapy Gel Memory Foam Mattress is fantastic. Such a great deal! 


Can you use any box spring? 

I hope that’s true. Given there’s no bumps or voids. A beautiful solid, horizontal surface is what you want.


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