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With Kratom gaining popularity worldwide and legally available, more and more organizations are entering the Kratom market as traders. Of all the vendors who come to the market, not all of them deserve your time and attention. While some suppliers have managed to maintain quality, availability and safety, others have failed.

Melted Flora is a kratom salesman.

Based in Virginia, Fused Flora is a kratom supplier dedicated to providing the highest quality kratom products in the world. The motto of Fused Flora is to never compromise on the quality of kratom products and to make them accessible to as many people as possible at reasonable prices. Let us judge whether or not they are worth their coin.

Is the manufacturing process safe for the enamelled flora?

The first issue that comes to the mind of every kratom consumer, whether they are a beginner or experienced, is the safety of the product. Even before quality assurance, most kratom consumers want to be sure that the manufacturing process of the products they consume is safe.

However, one of the drawbacks of Fused Flora is the lack of clarity in the laboratory tests of its products. Nowhere does it mention that their products are tested by an impartial third party, which can be a disturbing factor for some people.

On the other hand, they probably compensate for this with their efficient and safe production process. This rigorous process not only guarantees quality, but also makes the products fit for consumption. The production process starts with washing and drying by the raw material suppliers of the kratom.

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To prevent the animals from stepping on them, they are dried on the surface or on trays. The material is then transported in vacuum bags to their recycling facility in the United States.

Botanists are quarantined for seven days to ensure there is no mold and that materials are kept free of anchors. Then the nerds are divided into different parts and tested by the team.

The plants are then filtered through a positive pressure chamber by HP14 HEPA and treated with UV-C radiation in an ozone rich environment. During this process, people working with kratom are required to wear protective suits.

What the lack of lab testing certainly makes you forget is that Fused Flora is hoping and trying to become GMP compliant in the future.

What products does the merged flora sell?

Product variety and quality are important in attracting customers to any product. Surprisingly, the new supplier, Fused Flora, managed to stock a wide range of products. The product range is divided into four categories: red vein stems, green vein stems, white vein stems, fermented crate stems and various kratom products.

The tensions for the first three categories are more or less the same. The names of the products are derived from their sources; for example, Green Borneo and Green Kapuas Kratom come from the island of Borneo, but Green Kapuas comes from the interior of Borneo, in the area of the upper Kapuas River.

Similarly, Balinese, Thai and Vietnamese strains are a special blend from Indonesia with a Kratom base from Kapua. According to Fused Flora, their Super and Maeng Da varieties are the best products harvested during the dry season.

As for their fermented range, they are strains of yellow and gold veins from various locations, including the Kapuas River in Borneo, Thailand and Betuangi.

Because these are yellow and gold varieties, a different drying process is used to produce these kratomaders. The last category of Fused Flora products consists of different botanical products.

These include exotic plants and mixtures that are incredibly rare to find. For example, blue lotus flowers can be purchased from Fused Flora. You will also find Mitragyna Hirsuta, Blue Lotus Extract Powder, Acuamma Pikralima Nitida Extract Powder and many more.

Product Price range

For kratom and medicinal plants, availability is very important. This is because you need to use these products for a longer period of time to successfully treat the mental or physical problems you are dealing with. At Fused Flora, the prices are very reasonable compared to most kratom suppliers.

Prices at Fused Flora are standardized for all products except blue lotus flowers. All products are available in 25g, 100g and 1,000g sizes at $4.50, $13.00 and $75.00 respectively. For blue lotus flowers, the petals cost $45 per 100 g, while the powdered extract costs the same as other powders.

What is the transport and return policy for the merged flora?

The shipping process and policy in Fused Flora is not unusual. If payment is made before 2pm (Eastern time) on a weekday after the order is placed, the order will be shipped the same day unless otherwise stated.

At the same time, all orders over $48 will benefit from free USPS priority shipping. If payment is made via e-check, the order will not ship until payment is processed, which can take up to 7 days, and international shipping is never free.

Fused Flora asks customers to understand that they have no control over the USPS. While the expected wait time is 5-6 days for first class shipments and 2-4 days for priority shipments, it can be 30 and 15 days respectively.

Fused Flora does not ship on weekends, but you can talk to them about next day delivery if you need your product urgently.

In terms of return policy, it’s a big disadvantage for Fused Flora. The time frame within which you must request a refund is seven days, which is relatively less than that of most suppliers.

At the same time, applications will only be processed if the packaging is not contaminated, has not been opened and has an intact heat seal.


In terms of appearance, Fusion Flora is a big success in the crate market. Not only do they have a wide range of kratom and other herbal products, but they also set reasonable prices for their products.

Although some people find the lack of lab testing questionable, their manufacturing process is more than sufficient to ensure the safety of their products.

At the same time, numerous reviews of their products indicate that they are not only safe, but also worth buying because of their effectiveness.


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