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The promise of the M3 Diet – Is it a good thing or just another addition to the list of ineffective weight loss programs?

Modere, based in Utah, is known for producing a range of weight loss supplements. Although it is a multi-level marketing company, it is difficult to find information on how to become a distributor or partner. If you dig deeper, you will find that the company offers popular products without any additional harmful ingredients. They mainly offer products that fall into three main categories.

  • Personal Care: You’ll find several lines of personal care products, including those for hair, skin, body and oral care.
  • Health and Wellness : Products in this category are related to weight management, anti-aging, active health, etc.
  • Home care: They also offer a small collection of household cleaners, such as kitchen cleaners, laundry detergents and much more.

Modere M3 Pledge is a weight loss program that consists of 3 products and a lifestyle approach to help you lose weight effectively. If you follow the instructions and take the 3 supplements as directed, you should see amazing benefits. It claims to improve metabolism, increase energy levels, optimize the digestive system and suppress appetite. The question is whether it really helps you get all these benefits. The truth is that the system as a whole will not produce the desired results, but some of its products may in fact produce some benefits.

More information about the M3 Promise

The system is essentially based on the Mediterranean diet, but the main difference is that it does not prevent certain groups of products from being eaten. Dairy products, cereals and legumes can be included in the diet. Another positive aspect of this system is that it encourages you to learn more about how to achieve your fitness goals. The site offers good nutrition resources, including Mediterranean recipes, a shopping list, and interesting articles on nutrition and health. The problem is that with the availability of the internet, it is now easy to find quality information to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is best to remove these resources from the equation and focus on what else the program has to offer.

How it works

Three applications – Modere Burn, Modere Sync and Modere Sustain – are included in the program. You need to take these three supplements and make three lifestyle changes at the same time and stick to them for at least three months. The name Promise actually comes from the promise that you will stick to the lifestyle changes you make. Here are some lifestyle changes:

  • You should be taking 7,500 steps a day.
  • You should avoid eating white rice, refined flour and sugar.
  • You should drink 5 glasses of water a day.
  • You should limit your intake of fried foods.

All of these lifestyle changes are good, and you actually have to do them all to get the results you want. However, it will be much harder than you think to make these changes. And if you can truly change your lifestyle and learn to eat healthy, you will eventually notice a change in your expectations even if you don’t take the three supplements included in the program.

Let’s talk about the applications included in the program and see if they really contribute to making the program more effective.


There are three supplements in the range that contain different ingredients. For example:

  • Moderator Byrne: Ingredients include chromium, vitamin C, caffeine, cordyceps sinensis extract, theobromine, guarana, fucoxanthin, green tea, green coffee beans, hokamine, ascorbic acid, chromium picolinate and berberine. You should take three capsules every morning.
  • Modern Sustain : Ingredients include vitamins, medium chain triglycerides, minerals, maltodextrin, isomaltooligosaccharides and pea protein. You should mix the packet and stick in ice water and take it with you every day.
  • Modere Sync: Ingredients: Organic insulin, cocoa bean powder, oat bran, organic acacia gum, fructooligosaccharides, organic pea fiber, dextrose, apple pectin, salt and steviol glycosides. You have to put a spoon in cold water and drink it every day.

Some of these ingredients sound impressive, but the truth is that there is not enough scientific evidence to show that using them is beneficial to your health. Here’s some more information about these additions:

Ignition mode

It claims to have a patented formula with ingredients that are supposed to increase your metabolism and reduce your weight. The ingredients it contains support thermogenesis – they increase body temperature and help burn extra calories. It claims to have these effects because it contains green coffee beans, cordyceps and chromium. Caffeine is said to have the same effect on your body – it is said to increase your metabolism, which also helps you lose weight. It also contains some herbal stimulants, but most of them are very ineffective. Combining these ingredients won’t work because studies show that caffeine can cause slight weight loss, and the same goes for green coffee beans.

Green tea and green coffee beans can also provide you with caffeine and EGCG. However, you will not lose much weight by taking these ingredients. Studies have shown that taking 90 mg of caffeine and 50 mg of EGCG can help you lose up to 80 calories a day. Now you see the impact is not so great. Also, there is no way to know if you are getting enough of these EGCGs with each serving of Modere Burn.

These ingredients are not only ineffective, but in some cases can even be harmful. Green coffee beans and green tea provide caffeine, which can cause a number of side effects such as high blood pressure, insomnia, nervousness, increased urination, headaches and heart palpitations. These side effects can become severe due to the amount of caffeine added to the mixture.

The only ingredient on the list that may offer any benefit is fucoxanthin, which has been the subject of some preliminary research in its favor. The problem is that you need to take at least 2.4 mg of fucoxanthin, but Modere Burn uses a proprietary blend and says nothing about how much is in each serving. It can boost your metabolism, but keep in mind that even with that you can’t lose layers of fat in a short period of time. When a company tries to hide behind a proprietary blend, it clearly means that its products are not special.


Basically, it is a high-protein drink that helps to increase protein intake. Studies show that increased protein intake can improve exercise performance. It also helps serious athletes build muscle easily, as they can approach their workouts with more energy. It should be noted that older people can include protein drinks in their diet to prevent age-related muscle fatigue. However, if you are considering taking Modere M3 Promise to burn fat and lose weight, you may not get much out of it. The company points out that Modere Sustain probably helps because it suppresses appetite. By limiting your appetite, it helps you limit your calorie intake and stick to a low-calorie diet in the long run. Again, research shows that the decrease in appetite will not be significant enough to cause significant weight loss.

The other thing is that Modere Sustain provides you with pea protein. You should know that plant protein is not necessarily the best source of protein, especially when you compare it to animal protein, which is a more complete source of essential amino acids. Understand that vegan proteins are a better choice for people who are intolerant to milk proteins. If you want to increase your protein intake and you are not allergic to milk, whey protein is best.

Your muscle growth depends on the amino acids you get from protein, and plant-based proteins offer different types of amino acids than animal-based proteins. While plant protein can be a good option if you need more lysine, tryptophan, methionine and isoleucine, you’re better off with animal protein, which provides 20 essential amino acids needed for muscle growth. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that the combination of casein and whey is much more effective for muscle building and weight loss than the intake of plant-based proteins.

It’s strange to see the company adding refined powers to the mix. In addition, each serving of Sustain offers you 10g of 90 calorie protein. If you take it as a snack, the 90 calories are a little low, which means you’ll probably get hungry again. If you find it difficult to control your appetite, you may overeat, which goes against the goal of including Modere Sustain in your diet.

Synchronization mode

It is essentially a fiber supplement designed to improve digestion and prevent nighttime cravings. It is made from oat bran and should be taken at night. The advantage is that it contains fructooligosaccharides and inulin, which are prebiotic fibers, but again, you can get this fiber from food sources, especially if you follow a Mediterranean diet that contains many sources of fiber, including legumes, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

It’s also important to realize that you’re less likely to experience side effects if you get your fiber from food sources. Ingestion of inulin and fructooligosaccharides from supplements can cause problems such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation and abdominal pain. One of the reasons these fiber supplements are becoming more popular is that they are believed to nourish healthy bacteria in the gut – they are also called prebiotic supplements. The problem is that there are also disease-causing bacteria, and the fiber feeds them too. So you need to know how much is enough and include probiotic foods in your diet to increase the amount of healthy bacteria in your gut and improve digestion. Remember that even with an increase in healthy bacteria, there is no guarantee that you will eventually lose weight.

Bottom line

As you can see, there is not enough scientific evidence that the three supplements in M3 Promise can help reduce appetite, increase metabolism, and support thermogenesis. While these ingredients have some benefits, their impact will never be significant. The use of proprietary blends and stimulants like caffeine will only make people skeptical about buying them. However, the best lighting is the lighting that encourages you to change your lifestyle. Avoiding behaviors that promote weight gain can actually help you achieve your weight loss goals more effectively. Anyway: There’s no reason to spend $170 on a few simple shakes and an average fat burner, because it all depends on how you manage your calorie intake and continue to follow a balanced diet.

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