An Honest Review of The Kratom Syndicate – Trusted Kratom Vendor

Kratom Syndicate (TKS) is an online kratom store that specializes in different types of kratom and alternatives to kratom such as Mitragyna Javanica, Akuamma seeds, Kava, Fenibut, Tianeptin, Sakae Na etc.

These medications are often used to relieve conditions such as anxiety and stress. They also improve mood and increase mental stimulation. To learn more about, please read the article below.

What is the Kratom Syndicate?

The Kratom Syndicate can be found at, a user-friendly website. The company claims to sell the best varieties and qualities of kratom, as well as several alternatives to kratom. They contain a large amount of different herbs that can be used to mentally stimulate you and induce a state of euphoria.

The best part of the Kratom Syndicate is that they supply Kratom and its alternatives all over the world, except in countries where Kratom is completely banned. They offer the highest quality Kratom at very reasonable prices, and what I have noticed is that they offer many discounts and coupons to customers.

So, if you are looking for a variety of Kratom that is not available from other vendors and is of the highest quality, you should visit this website.

What are the different products of the Kratom syndicate?

The following herbs are available on their website Look for the most affordable price range.

  • Mixed Ash Tree – 9,99
  • Red Capuas – 38
  • Green Capuas – 38
  • 50X kratome extract – $40.50 instead of $45.00
  • Red Bali – $38
  • Acuamma Seeds – 16
  • The Green Man. Yeah, $9.99.
  • Red Maeng Da – 9,99
  • Sakae Naa (Combretum Quadrangular) 10:1 Extract -12
  • Extract from Incarvilla Cinensis 20:1 – 12
  • Kava extract 30% Cavalactone – 13
  • Mitragyna Javanica – 14,99
  • Phenibut HCL 99,5+% PURE – 19
  • Anjungan Plus+ – 19
  • Increase of Hirsuta – 27
  • Tianeptin sodium – 63

Which types of Kratom are available at Kratom Syndicate?

As the name suggests, this site offers a range of Kratom strains. Apparently, the Kratom Syndicate has mixed different strains of Kratom to create a more effective mix to produce the desired effects. They sell one of the best varieties of Kratom.

I contacted the Kratom Union last month and found out that the kratom I was buying from other suppliers was not as good as the kratom I was buying here. I felt the effect at the minimum dose of 2g, while I usually don’t even feel the effect at 5g. I have to say, the Kratom sold by Syndicate Kratom is very strong and shows me a lot of love.

I always buy 100% organic kratom with incredible flavor from Syndicate Kratom, with half the kratom I would charge from other vendors. You have real kratom!

I would also like to add that the kratom sold by this seller is definitely very fresh. I would like to add an individual examination of the strains I have tried.

50X Kratomextract

This is one of the best kratome extracts on the site. It is pure love, very relaxing, mood enhancing and powerful in a dose of 1 to 2 g. It’s a strong extract. Even if it seems a bit expensive, you can always get it at a discounted price.

Red Capuchins

A perfect perfume, with excellent packaging, I must say I had an incredible experience! It cheered me up and helped relieve my chronic back pain. This excitement always makes me want to go to the TCS. I have to say it’s my happy tension, because the euphoria that comes with it is soothing.

Green Maeng Da

It’s a balanced strain of kratom that kept me active all day and helped me manage my chronic pain. I also felt it relieved my anxiety.

Ultra Enhanced Kratom

He won’t let you down. The adamantium powder mixed with the extract surprised me! It’s good for the pain and it makes me feel good. Its effects lasted a long time. The price is pretty reasonable for an ultra-enhanced kratom, I loved it!

You’ll be happy when you visit the Kratom Syndicate website. They have all types of kratom, from slow to fast kratom varieties. There are currently about 20 options in their inventory. You are sure to find the perfect variety to suit you!

What are the alternatives to kratom?

Although the vendor’s name suggests that he only sells kratom, there is actually more than that. Kratom Syndicate offers the best Kratom alternatives at very reasonable prices, so yes, it’s worth a try! I ordered Phenibut from the TCS.

I was surprised at the immediate effect, unlike the Phenibut I get from other manufacturers. I wondered why, then I realized that Fenibut claim to have 99.5%+ CLEAN on their website, which is true! I didn’t stop. I also tried cava. I have to say it’s the most energizing cava tea. The effects lasted longer and made me feel good. I usually mix kava with kratom stems to enhance the effect, but I’ve never met a kava that works so well without kratom.

You can also look at the other alternatives they sell. I have yet to meet another kratom supplier with so many options for kratom. On all their products, they highlight effects that help the customer make a purchase decision.

Why do you particularly like food packaging?

In this way, they ship their products while maintaining their integrity. It is well packed and sealed. In the package you will find these beautiful jars. I really liked the package when I opened it. So all the products that the Kratom Syndicate supplies are in these little cans, which are also listed on their website. Not only are they stylish, but they are also waterproof, which protects the product from airborne oxidation.

Do you think the Kratom Syndicate is expensive?

I don’t think it’s expensive at all considering the quality of the products.  What I mean is that if you buy Red Bali from TCS, a single dose of 1 to 2 g will have an effect, but if you buy the same product from another supplier, the results will not be seen, even at a high dose of 5 to 7 g. It means you are paying for something good that will last longer.

It doesn’t matter that Syndicate Kratom is expensive because some of their products, such as Ultra Enhanced Kratom, are cheaper than those from other manufacturers.

There are also many product discounts and even coupons. You can enter the contests they advertise on their Facebook and newsletter to win some great contests!

What is the Kratom Syndicate meme contest?

The policy of the Kratom syndicate is to attract customers and offer them all kinds of benefits. There is a regular reminiscence contest on their Facebook page. The contest requires users to create memes related to kratom. The person who posts the best kratom meme gets 50 grams of 50x extract which costs $200! The TCS therefore gives its customers. No wonder we all love the Kratom Syndicate.

Is it easy to buy from Kratom Syndicate?

When evaluating the seller, you should also consider the ease of payment and overall experience from the time of purchase on their website to the time of receiving the product. You can pay by credit card. The company’s website offers this new in-store credit feature that can help you share credit with your friends.

They also accept coupon codes. You will have to pay a certain amount of shipping costs, which you will find in their ordering and shipping policy. Before placing an order, you should check the legality of the goods in your country. If you experience any problems within the first ten days of order confirmation, please contact the Kratom Union.

I think Kratom Syndicate allows us to navigate very easily on their website for different products and see their prices. The process of ordering a delivery is quite simple.

What services are available?

There is no doubt that they offer the best help and support. Their customer service is first class. Before I made my first purchase, I sent them an email with questions about the product and shipping, they responded quickly and were very friendly. They sent me a personal handwritten note with my order, which was also a good thing.

I also noticed that the product delivered to me had a little more substance. I weighed in with the kratom I ordered; there was some more in the bag. I also received a sample of a different kind of kratom with my order. They send free samples to all customers.

I have to say that I am in love with their services!

What are you waiting for?

It is quite difficult to find any flaws or negatives associated with Kratom Syndicate. I highly recommend this seller to anyone as he sells high quality kratom products and alternatives. You can also purchase measuring spoons and a professional, highly accurate digital scale for measuring kratom cans. I must say I really appreciate their customer service and everything on their website.

The sitemap on their website helps you to find the products easily. Moreover, everything on their website is user-friendly. So if you are buying high kratom and its alternatives, please contact the Kratom Syndicate.

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